The Marian Center is a Special Care Unit for those who experience the various stages of dementia and other related cognitive disorders. This is an essential part of Garvey Manor and Our Lady of the Alleghenies. Specifically Designed and developed to meet the unique needs of those facing the challenges and changes associated with dementia, the Marian Center provides all of the regular amenities of Garvey Manor in addition to a safe and secure environment rich in culture, choice, and spirituality. Hospitality is very important at Garvey Manor. Our belief is that our home should provide a welcoming person-centered environment and atmosphere. Personal warmth, love, dignity and care will reflect and give value and purpose to the resident’s lives. We live this ministry throughout Garvey Manor and especially cherish the care and service we provide to those who have been touched by the complexity of dementia.

Focusing on the 5 senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing, the trained and certified staff of the Marian Center develops a plan of care for each resident based on their personal preferences, past hobbies, passions, and professions. We believe it is very important to Garvey Manor to maintain the dignity and personality of residents regardless of the stage of their disease. This Intimate setting provides an environment where personal attention, activities and nursing care are part of the therapeutic program to address the needs of each person in a holistic manner.

Residents can enjoy a beautiful spring day gardening in our outdoor area or perhaps they prefer to sit under the pergola and enjoy a peaceful time of reflection and relaxation while the birds sing and the sun shines lightly on their faces. Families are also encouraged to spend quality time with their loved one while they both swing together on our Whisper Glide swing which accommodates wheelchairs. Residents will routinely enjoy outings on our 12 passenger bus to various community events and attractions.

Our Country Kitchens and cheerful dining area make mealtime a pleasant experience and encourages interactions with others. Our “Anytime Dining Program” allow residents with dementia the ability to receive nutrition on their schedule. Our nutritious meals are planned to added traditions, ethnic, and local favorites.

Garvey Manor provides 2 State of the Art Multi -Sensory Environment rooms on each unit of the Marian Center. These rooms are proven to either calm or stimulate residents based on the resident’s current needs. Filled with visual, audible and tactile stimuli, families and staff can utilize the sensory rooms to enhance the daily quality of life of our residents. Multisensory rooms promote increased self-esteem, independence as well as knowledge and understanding of the environment. They enhance communication between the residents and others and improve residents’ mood and behavior. Through acknowledging the importance and challenges of person center care in a setting that is designed to meet individual needs in a personal, dignified manner, our ministry will offer a home where personalized care is given and love reigns.